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4 steps to getting started with OpenDesk

There is a lot to consider when moving office. Often IT-related requirements can be overlooked.

How to prepare for an office relocation

and become an environmentally conscious business

How to reduce your business’s carbon footprint

OpenDesk is your complete cloud desktop solution, tailored for small and medium businesses.


The service delivers a full Windows desktop hosted in a private cloud that you can access from anywhere. You connect to your desktop from almost any internet connected PC, tablet or phone and get your personal desktop with your applications.

Working with Openet and OpenDesk we can provide a complete end to end solution that will keep your business up and running without expensive IT overheads.


Most importantly we’re here to help and support your business, our amazing people provide you with outstanding customer service and support.


Unlimited access to support without time cost worries

Flexibility for organisational growth or contraction

Proactive advice, capacity planning, scheduled maintenance & real-time monitoring

Improved budgeting

A shared goal of maximising service availability

Comprehensive Operational Support Service


Openet’s Comprehensive Operational Support Services provide operational support and maintenance of existing services and systems, delivered by professional Service Desk and Field Operations teams, on a known cost basis.


By committing to a COSS Agreement, clients benefit from known, reduced, support costs and the peace of mind that they can access support when it is needed without watching the clock.


What Openet Can Do For You

Service Desk

Structured management of incidents, requests for service and change with transparent reporting and service level agreement.

24 x 7

Access to primary and secondary support when you need it.

Infrastructure Management

Operation of network, server and desktop technologies.

Information Management

Access control, data integrity, backup and capacity planning of information facilities.

Communications Management

 Email services, video conferencing and telephony systems administration.

Scheduled Maintenance

Regular application of software updates. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual checks.

Active Monitoring

Intelligent monitoring & alerting of network attached infrastructure from battery states & temperatures to service performance and availability, providing early warning of potential problems.


On-site support within the Perth metropolitan area as required.

Our Consultancy Services

  • Development or Implementation of new services, systems or technology.
  • On-site services including outside of the Perth Metropolitan Area


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