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OpenDesk - Your Fast, Fully Managed Private Cloud Desktop Solution

OpenDesk® is the ultimate, fully managed, private cloud desktop solution for Perth businesses. Each of your staff get their own cloud desktop, giving them the flexibility of working from anywhere, anytime with complete security. Users can access their desktop, apps and data from almost any Internet connected PC, tablet, phone or thin terminal. 


OpenDesk gives you unmatched flexibility and control when planning your IT system across multiple offices and physical locations. Hosted in a secure Tier 3 Perth data centre and using the best fit for purpose server and storage hardware, OpenDesk delivers better information security than most traditional on premise server solutions.


A Fast, Flexible and Highly Secure Cloud Desktop Solution

OpenDesk was designed and developed in Perth making it a fast and responsive cloud desktop solution

How It Works

Discover how OpenDesk can transform your office IT system

Benefits of OpenDesk

Allowing you to focus on your business without getting distracted by technology

OpenDesk Features

Learn more about all that comes packed into OpenDesk

Got Questions?

Frequently asked questions about OpenDesk

How OpenDesk Works

This short video gives you an overview of the OpenDesk solution. You will discover how you can get an enterprise-level IT system without the headache of managing it and the capital expense of purchasing it.

OpenDesk Setup

Find Out More About the OpenDesk Setup Process

Main Features

Why Choose OpenDesk

Key Benefits

Reduced Cap Ex IT Costs

Only pay a predictable monthly fee per desktop, you no longer need to tie up your precious capital in buying servers and computers. 

Greater IT Security

Full enterprise security infrastructure keeps your data safer and more secure than traditional on-premises equipment.

Complete IT System Maintenance

A team of IT professionals supports your IT system giving you complete peace of mind

More Agile Decision Making

You can deploy new software, increase storage and processing power in minutes allowing you to make critical business decisions faster.

Easier for Staff to Collaborate

All your staff across any location has the same access to the company files, documents and software, making it more efficient to share information.

Secure Remote Access

Staff are not tied to their computers or desks, easy, fast secure remote access - means your staff can literally work from anywhere there is an internet connection

Lower Energy Expense, Greener Operation

Because less energy is used, both in operating the servers and PC's, and running cooling equipment, your company's carbon footprint is significantly reduced as well as the power bill.

Simple, Fast, Scalability

You can easily scale the number of users and business software within minutes, giving you complete control over your IT system.

Easier, Cheaper and Faster Maintenance

OpenDesk® is more resilient than traditional on premises IT systems leading to lower IT support issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

OpenDesk is an complete all in one business IT solution. This means when you move to an OpenDesk solution you can get rid of your server, managed IT service provider, desktop computers and separate office software licences. 

OpenDesk comes with 24/7 unlimited support. We have a team of experienced IT professionals who look after you IT system. Outside of office hours (7am - 5pm) we have an on call system staffed at all times. 


We also proactively monitor your system to keep an eye on potential problems. Your OpenDesk monthly subscription gives you complete peace of mind so you can focus on running and growing your business and not get distracted by technology.

The only technical requirement to run OpenDesk is an internet connection, a screen, a keyboard and a mouse. That's it!


This is what makes OpenDesk so powerful and simple, you get all the tools you need to do your work while we manage and support all the technical stuff. Of course if you have existing PC's and laptops you can use them to connect to Opendesk.

With data sovereignty becoming an important issue, you can rest assured that all your data remains securely on Australian soil. Your data will be held in a highly secure tier 3 data centre in Perth, Western Australia.


Should you ever need to get physical access to your data, its a quick and simple process. 

Yes, unlike public cloud hosted systems, OpenDesk ensures all your data is kept separate and private. 

Once your OpenDesk System has been set up you can easily add (or subtract) new users. Simply give us the instruction, with the new user details and we will have them set up and running within 30 mins.

Your OpenDesk virtual desktops and virtual file server all operate in the same location so the transfer of files between desktops and the server occur at very high speed.

Only screen updates, keystrokes and mouse movements are transferred between your terminal and our servers. There is no need to drag large files across relatively slow Internet links.

OpenDesk supports as many desktops as your team needs, all with access to your included file server. This enables each team member to store their documents in a common location in a structured way, just like big companies do.

OpenDesk enables your team to hotdesk. Any team member can login in to any terminal in the office and get their own desktop. Team members can move from desk to desk or even from one office building to another to collaborate.

You can connect to your OpenDesk from almost any Internet connected device.

At home you can install the free client on your PC or laptop. The client provides a secure, encrypted connection to your OpenDesk desktop without the need for a troublesome VPN connection.

On the move you can install the free client on your IOS or Android tablet or phone for access to your full Windows desktop with all your apps and data.

In the office you can use the free client on your old PC or replace it with a low cost terminal that is easier to use and virtually maintenance free.

There is a monthly per desktop fee.
There is a low initial setup charge to provision your secure private network and file server.

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