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Business continuity is the discipline, activity and processes applied to ensure critical business functions remain available to staff, customers, suppliers, regulators and other entities.

Disaster recovery is a component of business continuity that focuses on the response to adverse events in order to restore critical business functions.

Disaster recovery planning is the essential process of identifying, classifying and mitigating risks, and preparing responses to adverse events that may threaten business continuity.

In an information technology context, the conduct of operational backup and recovery activities, is not a disaster recovery plan. While providing a means of risk mitigation, it is an operational process that may also be called upon in a disaster recovery scenario.

There are many drivers of business continuity and disaster recovery planning including:

  • Maintaining shareholder value
  • Employee well being
  • Meeting contractual obligations
  • Regulatory compliance


Openet can help you develop an IT disaster recovery plan that takes into consideration all of your organisation’s unique characteristics.