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When purchasing IT infrastructure and services it is often difficult for an organisation to determine what it really needs versus what particular vendors may be promoting.

As a vendor-agnostic consultancy service that does not resell hardware or software, Openet provides our clients with trusted, independent advice.

Before purchasing Openet can:

  • Determine a fit-for-purpose technical solution.
  • Solicit quotes from reputable vendors on behalf of our client for necessary hardware, software or services.
  • Assess vendor offerings to ensure they meet the defined requirements.
  • Recommend the preferred offering.

After the client issues a purchase order, Openet:

  • Liaises with the vendor until the product or service is delivered.
  • Provides technical implementation services & commissioning.

Once the systems or services are operational, Openet provides:

  • Comprehensive Operational Support


Our deep understanding of IT procurement and established relationships with many reputable vendors places us in a unique position to get the best procurement outcome for our clients.