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Capacity planning is the process of determining future resource requirements based on current growth trends. Together with a knowledge of planned one-off events this allows organisations to plan and implement upgrades before insufficient resources lead to degraded service.

Openet provides several services which contribute to the capacity planning process including:

  • Formal capacity planning as a Management / Administration process
  • Active Monitoring of IT services
  • Scheduled Maintenance of storage systems


Formal capacity planning typically involves meeting with clients on a periodic basis to understand the strategic direction of the organisation and any foreseen events that may lead to significant changes in demand to ICT services and systems. For example the planned takeover of another company, establishment of a new office, development of a new mine site or acquisition of additional data might all result in an increased demand on ICT services. If these events can be identified in advance then Openet can assist the organisation to have the correct services or systems in place at the right time.

Active monitoring of existing facilities provides a vital input in to capacity planning activities. By observing and recording resource usage over time, Openet can anticipate when an organisation may need additional capacity. This allows our clients to plan and budget for service or system upgrades or to review current usage an identify any inefficient usage practices.

In addition to Active monitoring activities, additional information for capacity planning can be obtained from scheduled maintenance services.