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Services Catalogue

Openet offers a broad range of services to meet the needs of our clients. Below is an overview of key services that enable our clients.

Scheduled Maintenance

In the same way that a motor car requires periodic servicing to keep running smoothly, an organis

Service Desk

Openet maintains an ICT Service Desk for the provision of structured ICT support services aligned

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is the process of determining future resource requirements based on current gro

Disaster Recovery Planning

Business continuity is the discipline, activity and processes applied to ensure critical business


When purchasing IT infrastructure and services it is often difficult for an organisation to deter

Project Management

Excellent project management skills combined with extensive ICT experience are essential to the s

Domain Name System​

The Domain Name System or DNS provides a method of associating human-friendly names for computers

Facilities Design​

To ensure continuity of service, it is important to house server and communications equipment in

Network Design & Operation

Network services offered by Openet include: