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To ensure continuity of service, it is important to house server and communications equipment in a controlled environment.

Openet can assist clients in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure Location
  • Server room design
  • Power conditioning
  • Air conditioning
  • Earthing & Lightning protection


In many of the areas listed above, Openet will work together with experts in the relevant fields to coordinate a suitable outcome for the client.

Infrastructure Location

As the availability of reliable, high bandwidth network connections becomes more accessible, many organisations can take advantage of commercial data centres to house their IT infrastructure. This can offer a number of benefits including higher availability through shared access to redundant cooling, power, and network services which a single organisation may not be able to afford on its own.

Access to such facilities may take several forms including:

  • Floor / rack space rental
  • Physical or virtual server rental
  • Software as a service

While there is a strong trend towards hosted infrastructure or so-called ‘cloud’ computing, this may not always be the correct choice for an organisation.

By understanding the business and operational requirements of an organisation, Openet can provide advice on the best fit-for-purpose solution.

Server Room Design

Where it is more appropriate for an organisation to host its own IT infrastructure, Openet can provide advice on appropriate server room layouts and inclusions whether located in a city office or demountable building on a mine site.

Considerations will include external communications requirements, security and dust management together with the following items.

Power Conditioning

The selection of appropriate power conditioning and distribution systems is essential for continuity of service. Openet can assist with the selection of appropriate uninterruptible power supplies for ICT environments including the auditing of equipment power loads to ensure appropriate power capacities. Consideration should also be given to the installation of appropriate overload protection equipment in building or site power distribution.

Air Conditioning

In Australia, most server rooms require the installation of air conditioning to keep equipment running at acceptable temperatures. On many occasions, we have observed computer room temperatures rise to more than 50 degrees Celsius during A/C failures in summer. This typically results in server shutdown (if servers have temperature monitoring) or outright equipment failure. Openet can assist clients with the auditing of equipment to determine heat loads and subsequently make arrangements for the installation of appropriate cooling systems.

Earthing & Lightning Protection

The provision of a proper earth for equipment is an often overlooked aspect of server room set-up. Appropriate earthing is essential for electronic equipment. In one case we observed communications problems between pieces of equipment that were connected to different earths that were at different earth potentials. Proper earthing is also essential for staff safety in the event of electrical shorts.

Many of our clients operate ICT equipment on mine sites in highly mineralised regions where seasonal lightning storms can result in damage and failure of sensitive electronic equipment. Openet has established relationships with specialists in the lightning protection field and can assist clients to engage specialists and subsequently evaluate their recommendations.