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Team Openet Video
Alternative Team Openet video
Want to see the alternative, behind the scenes version of our team video?
Managing Director



With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and international experience that spans from China to South Africa, Papua New Guinea to Zambia; Andrew Monteiro is the strategic star that guides Openet.

Monty is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Certified Novell Administrator, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Red Hat Certified Engineer, and VMware Certified Professional. And, if there was a certification for animal hobbyist, he’d have that too – along with three sons, Monty cares for a dog, lorikeet, half a dozen chickens, and several tanks full of fish (no ducks, rabbits or sheep – this week).

Solutions Manager



With IT experience spanning almost two decades, Andrew aka Drew has run his own IT company, worked as a Group IT Manager in Europe, joined an international franchise group as the Software Development Manager, and moved into the Solutions Manager IT position.

With all of this experience, that spans the whole of Australia, Israel, New Zealand, and Europe; Drew is responsible for the delivery of the project and consulting aspects of the business. When he’s not wearing his Openet cape, Drew is a keen motorcyclist, but raising his daughters usually provides enough adrenaline.

Office and Administration Assistant



As a qualified Educational Assistant with a focus on children with special needs, Ramona is ideally skilled at keeping the rest of the Openet team in line.

A Diploma in business also helps her deal with Openet’s ‘admin stuff’. When Ramona isn’t working at Openet or as an EA at a nearby school, she is a super mum also looking after three sons, a dog, lorikeet, half a dozen chickens, and several tanks full of fish.

Service Desk Operator



For Hendo aka Matthew (finally someone not named Andrew), his work at Openet is a combination of two things: a love of technology and an altruistic drive towards helping people. Service Desk Officer is the role where his powers combine to give Openet clients a seamless migration into their virtual environments.

Hendo loves following and writing procedural documentation to deliver consistent quality outcomes. As a homebody at heart, Hendo decided it was time to get a hobby. Entre … motorbikes. Admittedly, he spends more time as a hobbyist motorbike mechanic than riding but hey, still counts.

System Administrator



This, Andrew *ahem* Consty (sensing a trend with the names?), will never be confused with the other Andrews. Consty is a System Administrator. This role requires the constant monitoring and maintaining of multiple systems and network infrastructures across the company.

He’s Openet’s methodical mastermind when it comes to troubleshooting IT issues and he loves improving systems to make his life easier. Outside of work Consty is a man of mystery.