About OpenDesk

OpenDesk is your complete cloud desktop solution, tailored for small and medium businesses.

The service delivers a full Windows desktop hosted in a private cloud that you can access from anywhere. You connect to your desktop from almost any internet connected PC, tablet or phone and get your personal desktop with your applications.

Tailored for small business

Large businesses have been taking advantage of virtual computing for many years but the flexibility and cost savings have previously required substantial up front investment in infrastructure.

Openet has developed a unique multi-tenant solution that enables small and medium businesses to access these benefits without the high cost of entry.

Moving to OpenDesk requires minimal capital expenditure and allows your business to only pay for what you need now. A great way to keep your accountant happy.

Rapidly deployed and scalable

To compete in today's market, small businesses must be able to quickly respond to changing conditions.

A new OpenDesk system can be established for your business in just a few hours. Additional OpenDesk desktops can be provisioned in just a few minutes.

An OpenDesk solution will scale from a few users to hundreds of users as your business grows and you can reduce your desktop count in times of reduced activity.

Designed for performance

Openet has engineered OpenDesk's underlying infrastructure to deliver excellent performance and this includes support for 3D graphically intensive applications.

No other cloud desktop solution provides this kind of 3D support at a similar price point.

Designed for security

Openet has developed the OpenDesk service with your information security as a priority.

Security starts with the OpenDesk infrastructure residing in a secure Tier3 datacentre located in Perth, Western Australia. It continues with our choice of the best fit-for-purpose server and storage hardware arranged to ensure maximum resiliency. Finally we apply documented management practices for consistent service delivery.

Switching to OpenDesk can actually deliver better information security than traditional on premise server solutions.

Private file server

Each OpenDesk system includes a file server for the storage and sharing of documents. Just like an on premise server, your OpenDesk file server runs Microsoft Windows Server and provides the usual access controls expected in any corporate environment. Each client's file server is completely isolated from any other client.

Openet sets up a standard folder hierarchy and security groups to get you started and can then work with you to customise security arrangements according to the way your business works.

Importantly, unlike typical cloud storage services, your file server and OpenDesk desktops are located in the same place so there's no waiting for documents to open and no problems with troublesome file syncing.

For businesses that still have some staff working on legacy desktop computers we can implement a hybrid cloud solution.

Active Directory domain

Your OpenDesk solution also includes a full Microsoft Active Directory domain. This provides the same user and security management as a traditional corporate network.

If you already have an existing Active Directory domain, Openet can integrate it into your OpenDesk solution.

Your Active Directory domain is fully isolated from any other client.

Your Standard Desktop

Most businesses want to standardise their desktops so that employees have the tools they need to get the job done. OpenDesk makes establishing a standard operating environment (SOE) simple.

OpenDesk provides you several choices in how desktops are deployed in your organisation including:

  • Independent Desktops
  • Linked Clones
  • Static User Assignment
  • Floating Desktop Pools

OpenDesk also offers several application deployment options including:

  • Master Image integrated applications
  • Virtual Application Packages

You can learn more about deployment options at the OpenDesk Deployment Options page and you can call Openet to discuss the approach(es) best suited to you and your team.

Any Questions?

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