Our People : Openet's greatest asset

Many companies claim that their people are their greatest asset but how many of these organisations can tell you why?

At Openet, our employees are our greatest asset because of their:

  • Attitude
  • Aptitude
  • Communication Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Teamwork

All our team members approach their profession with energy and enthusiasm, taking pride in the quality of their work. We are united in our common focus on delivering exceptional value and acting in the best interests of our clients.

In evaluating potential employees, we actively assess a candidate's attitude to ensure they are a correct fit for our team before considering their apptitude and skills.

It is the attitude of our people that sets our company apart.

As the saying goes, the only constant is change and this is particularly applicable to the IT profession. The talent and ability of our people to learn and master new concepts and skills is therefore more important than any specific skill set they may already possess. By recruiting people with the apptitude to learn and by actively creating an environment in which they can do so, Openet has established a team of immense value.

The ability to communicate effectively with our clients, suppliers and team members is a fundamental reason for our success. Often the first piece of feedback we receive from a new client is their surprise and delight that our people can talk with them in non technical terms or when necessary, translate technical concepts into language they can understand. Openet doesn't take this ability to communicate for granted. In fact this is so important to us that every year or so we put our entire team through formal communications training to get even better at it.

Of course to work in a highly technical field such as IT, it is important for our people to have a high level of professional and technical proficiency. Professional IT skills are managed using the SFIA v5 framework and technical skills are supported by various industry certifications. As each member of our team learns additional skills, the whole team becomes more effective and productive, adding value to Openet's services.

Finally, it is the ability of each of our individual employees to bring all of these characteristics and skills together and share them with their colleagues that create the robust and effective team that drives our company forward.

So for all of these reasons our people are our greatest asset.