Aside from email, voice communications over a telephone is the most widely used form of business communications.

Organisations have many options available to them including:

  • Analogue telephone handsets and lines
  • Analogue or digital handsets with a private branch exchange (PBX)
  • IP / VOIP handsets with an IP PBX
  • IP / VOIP handsets with a hosted PBX (as a service)
  • Mobile / Cellular telephones
  • Softphones
  • Call routing via the public switch telephone network (PSTN)
  • Call routing via private network connections
  • Call routing via 3rd party IP trunking services

and of various combinations of all of the above.

Additionally, organisations may look at in integration of video conferencing and instant messaging with their telephony services.

Openet can help clients understand the relative merits and drawbacks of these different approaches, select the best fit-for-purpose solution, complete procurement, implementation and provide ongoing support for the chosen telephony system.