Email Filtering Service

Openet’s Email Filtering Service (EFS) provides clients with a cloud based email anti-virus and anti-spam solution.


Approximately 80% of email traffic is now considered spam. The EFS can kill this traffic before it reaches an organisation’s mail server saving precious network bandwidth for legitimate business communication.


Dual, geographically separated filtering nodes ensure reliability and additionally act as secondary mail hosts to temporarily store your email if your server is offline.


The Email Filtering Service uses multiple anti-virus engines to detect and block malicious attachments and a range of techniques to identify and quarantine spam. Techniques used include relay block lists (RBL), global colaborative spam databases, domain name system (DNS) checks including sender policy framework (SPF), auto learning bayesian database, attachment blocking, manual blacklists and whitelists. Users receive a daily quarantine report and can train the system to identify legitimate email, reducing ‘false positives’ over time.

Additional Info

In addition to the use of an anti-spam solution, Openet assists clients to correctly implement sender policy framework (SPF) records for their domain(s). The sender policy framework enables organisations to explicitly identify which email servers are allowed to send email for their domain(s). This can help protect an organisation's reputation. Would you want a spammer sending unsolicited email from your email address? Mail servers or filters that check SPF records can quickly identify email sent with forged sender addresses if SPF records exist for your domain. If you would like to know more please contact us.

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