Service Catalogue

Openet offers a broad range of services to meet the needs of our clients. This page provides an overview of key services that enable our clients.


Email Filtering Service

Openet's Email Filtering Service (EFS) provides clients with a cloud based email anti-virus and anti-spam solution that can reduce the volume of email handled by around 80%.

Email Solutions

Email is the primary form of business communications in use today and reliable, available email services are essential to almot every organisation.

Openet can design and deliver a fit-for-purpose email solution to your organisation either on premise or in 'the cloud'.


Aside from email, voice communications over a telephone is the most widely used form of business communications.

Organisations have many options available to them including:

Information Management

Backup & Restoration

Effective backup and rescovery systems are an essential component of all information technology environments to protect against the loss of information and enable the timely restoration of critical business services.

Loss of information can occur in many ways including:

Folder Layout & Security

Folder or directory structures have a significant impact on the operational efficiency and supportability of an office environment.

Inefficient directory hierarchys lead to several problems including:


Domain Name System

The Domain Name System or DNS provides a method of associating human friendly names for computers to machine friendly IP addresses. It is one of the most used services on the Internet.

Facilities Design

To ensure continuity of service, it is important to house server and communications equipment in a controlled environment.

Openet can assist clients in the following areas:

Network Design & Operation

Network services offered by Openet include:

Servers, Storage & Virtualisation

Openet groups together the implementation and management of server hardware, server operating systems, data storage facilities and the use of server virtualisation techniques under the banner of Servers, Storage & Virtualisation.

Management & Administration

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is the process of determining future resource requirements based on current growth trends. Together with a knowledge of planned one-off events this allows organisations to plan and implement upgrades before insufficient resources lead to degraded service.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Business continuity is the discipline, activity and processes applied to ensure critical business functions remain available to staff, customers, suppliers, regulators and other entities.

Disaster recovery is a component of business continuity that focuses on the response to adverse events in order to restore critical business functions.


When purchasing IT infrastructure and services it is often difficult for an organisation to determine what it really needs verses what particular vendors may be promoting.

As a vendor agnostic consultancy service that does not resell hardware or software, Openet provides our clients with trusted, independent advice.

Project Management

Excellent project management skills combined with extensive ICT experience are essential to the successful delivery of information or communications technology projects. Openet has an established track record of successful ICT project management.

Operational Support

Scheduled Maintenance

In the same way that a motor car requires periodic servicing to keep running smoothly, an organisation's IT services and systems requires regular maintenance to ensure continuity of service.

Service Desk

Openet maintains an ICT Service Desk for the provision of structured ICT support services aligned with the ITIL framework for IT service delivery and governance.

The key functions provided by Openet's Service Desk include: