Our Openetters

Without them we wouldn’t have
such a fancy coffee machine

These are the people who make up Openet. They are the IT tech lovers of the world.

They are our greatest asset and, while a lot of companies say the exact same thing, we’ve narrowed it down to CAT PAT.


Because everyone needs an office pet.


  • C: communication skills
  • A: attitudes (vastly improved since we got the new coffee machine)
  • T: technical skills
  • P: professional skills
  • A: aptitude (the only constant is change so aptitude helps)
  • T: teamwork

We Have Certificates

When anyone in our team learns a new skill, it benefits the whole company with efficiency and productivity. We’ll be happy to brag about all of our certifications when we talk.


In fact, we even send our team members on communication training. This enables us to translate technical concepts and speak in language that makes IT accessible.

Headshots and Highlight Reels


Founder and Managing Director


Office and Administration Assistant


Senior Consultant


System Administrator


Solutions Manager


Service Desk Operator