Our Clients

Openet provides professional services to clients across a range of sectors including mining, oil & gas, engineering, construction, finance, health and the not-for-profit sector.

Clients range in size from small businesses of 10 staff through to listed companies with 1000+ employees.

Our ability to tailor services to the needs of individual organisations combined with standardised work practices and procedures is key to our ability to create value for such a diverse client base. Working with a diverse clientele also helps us identify innovative approaches to new challenges.

Most clients treat Openet as their IT department where we are responsible for all aspects of ICT management, strategy, service delivery and support. Typically reporting to the Chief Financial Officer or Managing Director, we become an integral part of our client's organisation, working at an exceptionally high level of trust and developing an intimate understanding of the organisation. From understanding comes the ability to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions that address the organisation's true needs.

Many of our clients operate from multiple locations, often in distant or remote locations. Openet has extensive experience working with such organisations and is happy to provide services where they are needed be that in city, rural and remote areas, interstate or internationally.