OpenDesk Improves Information Security

Mobility Risks


As workforces become increasingly mobile and staff require flexible working arrangements, business information is placed at greater risk of loss and theft.


Laptops and other mobile devices are often a prime target for thieves. To ensure the information they contain cannot be sold to a competitor or released to the public many organisations have to implement complicated disk encryption systems that are difficult to centrally manage or they just hope that it never happens to them.


Even if the information stored on your mobile devices is not considered particularly sensitive, the effort required to recreate that information or documents after loss of a device can be substantial. Think about how many hours of work go into creating a report or tender document.


With OpenDesk all information is stored within the data centre so while loss of a mobile device is an inconvenience, staff can simply connect from another device and continue to work without data loss.



VPN’s Work Both Ways


Many businesses implement a virtual private network (VPN) service to enable employees and other remote workers to access important files from their home computer or laptop. What most managers don’t realise is that these VPN’s work in both directions.


If an employee’s home PC is infected with a virus, the VPN can provide a path for this malware to infect the businesses office systems and servers.


While there are methods to check if remote computers have up to date anti-virus software installed, they are complicated to set up and maintain and are rarely seen in smaller businesses.


Connecting to your OpenDesk desktop does not require a VPN. On a home PC the free software client used to connect to your OpenDesk workspace creates its own secure connection and only carrys screen updates, keystrokes and mouse movements. This greatly improves the security of your business network.



The Rogue Employee


At some point, most businesses will employ someone that does not share in the vision and values of the organisation and sooner or later this person will leave. Occasionally the departing employee will attempt to take confidential information that may be to their future benefit or to the benefit of a future employer.


OpenDesk can help reduce the risk of data theft by limiting the methods by which such rogue employees can take your precious information.


Policies can be put in place to limit the use of USB devices such as flash drives, iPods, phones and portable hard drives.


With no need for VPNs, users working from home can be prevented from bulk copying of files to their home PC. Likewise laptop users working remotely have no need to keep copies of files on their laptop hard drive.


With thin terminals in the office, users can no longer store data locally at their desk.

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