Openet Introduces Dual Service Model

To better align IT service delivery to the needs of our clients, Openet has introduced a new Dual Service Model.

The Dual Service Model provides two different but complimentary approaches to the provision of services. The two components are:

  • Consultancy Services
  • Managed Services

Consultancy Services
Consultancy Services focus on strategic planning, project management, design, procurement, implementation and advice. Services are provided on a traditional fee for time basis with all activity being recorded in Openet's service desk system for subsequent billing at the applicable hourly rates.

Managed Services
Managed Services focus on the day to day operational support of existing ICT services and their underlying technologies. Under the Managed Services model, the client pays a quarterly Managed Services fee and receives unlimited operational support for the managed services including:

  • Unlimited support by email, telephone and remote management technologies from our West Perth, ITIL aligned service desk.
  • On site support as necessary (within 20km of CBD).
  • Scheduled maintenance such as installation of software patches.
  • User account management.
  • Automated monitoring of services and equipment.

All activity associated with the provision of Managed Services is also tracked in our service desk system.

Dual Service Model Benefits
Openet's new Dual Service Model improves service provision to Openet's clients by:

  • Providing flexible provision of Consultancy Services during systems development and commissioning.
  • Providing known costs for operational support of production systems to simplify budgeting.
  • Ensures clients can call for support when it is needed without worrying about costs.

Openet also benefits from better resource scheduling.

Contact Openet to find out more about our Dual Service Model and the benefits to your organisation.