EFS Advantages

Openet's Email Filtering Service (EFS) provides clients with a cloud based email anti-virus and anti-spam solution.

The main advantage of Openet's EFS is that about 80% of email traffic is killed off before reaching an organisation’s main Internet connection. With the massive volumes of spam email seen today, this can relieve a lot of traffic from your Internet connection. With less bandwidth wasted on spam, more network bandwidth is available for legitimate business communication.

An additional advantage of Openet's Email Filtering Service is that the dual, geographically separated filtering nodes act as secondary mail hosts for client email services. In the event that your main email server is offline for any reason, the EFS will temporarily store your email and deliver it when your mail server is online again.

The Email Filtering Service can be used in conjuction with other anti-spam and anti-malware systems and is compatible with third party cloud hosted mail services such as Microsoft's Office 365.

Openet's Email Filtering Service is available to all Openet clients at a very affordable per email address, per month basis. Clients taking advantage of Comprehensive Operational Support Services, can have the Email Filtering Service bundled with their operational support at a 20% discount.

To learn more click on Email Filtering Service or contact Openet.