How to prepare for an office relocation

There is a lot to consider when moving office. Often IT-related requirements can be overlooked.

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How to prepare for an office relocation

There is a lot to consider when moving office. Often IT-related requirements can be overlooked, or not be considered to the extent that is required to ensure you can unplug on one end and plug straight in at the next location. Failing to sufficiently plan IT relocation requirements can lead to delays in the move or, even worse, to moving into a new premise only to find out that not all of your services are working.

Yes, there is a lot to consider, but we’ve made it easy with this handy relocation guide to ensure your IT systems and services make it from A to B with no hitches.

Communication Services

Communication services should be the first item you act on, as it can take a while to order new services or move existing ones. Unfortunately, the typical lead time is six weeks with the major telcos, so we suggest you arrange this ASAP.

Your communication services include your internet and telephony services. You will need to review these services, confirm that there is service availability at your proposed location, and determine the following:

  • Are you locked in to an existing contract?

  • Is NBN available/required?

  • Is there an alternate fibre-optic-based internet service?

  • Is there a wireless option?

  • Are you stuck with ADSL?

Once you know what you need and what is available, you must determine which existing services are to be moved or if new services must be ordered, then go ahead and order the services or service relocations.

IT Environments

Your IT environment covers the physical space for your network cabling, network switch and server(s). Some offices will have what you need and others will not, so it’s essential that you review any existing infrastructure at the new location. You will need to look for the following:

  • Structured cabling for your network and telephony

  • Network ports in the right locations for your planned fit-out

  • Suitably located equipment rack fitting your equipment

  • Adequate physical security for your IT equipment

  • Sufficient cooling to keep your IT equipment healthy.

Once you have an idea of the environment at the new location, you need to consider the following:

  • Will you need wi-fi in the new office. If so how many access points will be required to cover the office? Is there network cabling to the locations where you will put your wi-fi access points?

  • Do you need to engage a cabling contractor to put in additional network cabling or will this be handled by your office fit-out company?

  • Is there sufficient power to run your IT equipment?

IT Server(s)

If you’re moving existing server(s) from the old office to the new one, you are going to need a plan for services such as email and file access, which will be unavailable during the move. It’s also worth considering alternatives to relocating your server(s), as there are some that could save you a lot of money.

If you’re set on keeping your existing server(s), it’s important to review your existing IT server usage, ensure you have full backups of all your servers and data, and then test these backups. Plan for a proper shutdown of the server(s) and don’t forget to perform a backup. We can’t stress enough how critical it is that you have full backups and you test these backups.

Once you’ve reviewed and run tests, you need to determine who will move the equipment. It is probably not a good idea to have your removalist do this — your IT server(s) are too precious. Consider a contingency plan in the event that a server is damaged in transit or simply doesn’t want to start again. Unfortunately, it can happen.

Once you know who is moving what and how you will handle any potential hiccups, it’s time to notify your customers about the move so they are aware you will not be able to process their orders/invoices, etc.

If the office move has you feeling overwhelmed and you want to leave it in the hands of a reputable and experienced IT service provider, Openet can help.

We can move you from where you are to wherever you’re going. We can also consult with you about alternative options, like switching to a cloud desktop platform like OpenDesk, which could save you a significant amount of time and expense on unnecessary floor space and environments that you will probably not need in the future.

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