Comprehensive Operational Support Service

Openet's Comprehensive Operational Support Services provide operational support and maintenance of existing services and systems, delivered by professional Service Desk and Field Operations teams, on a known cost basis.

By committing to a COSS Agreement, clients benefit from known, reduced, support costs and the peace of mind that they can access support when it is needed without watching the clock.


  • Unlimited access to support without time cost worries
  • Flexibility for organisational growth or contraction
  • Improved budgeting
  • Proactive advice, capacity planning, scheduled maintenance and real-time monitoring
  • A shared goal of maximising service availability

What's Included?

  • Service Desk : Structured management of incidents, requests for service and change with transparent reporting and service level agreement.
  • 24x7 On-Call : Access to primary and secondary support when you need it.
  • Infrastructure Management : Operation of network, server and desktop technologies.
  • Information Management : Access control, data integrity, backup and capacity planning of information facilities.
  • Communications Management : email services, video conferencing and telephony systems administration.
  • Scheduled Maintenance : Regular application of software updates. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual checks.
  • Active Monitoring : Intelligent monitoring and alerting of network attached infrastructure from battery states and temperatures to service performance and availability, providing early warning of potential problems.
  • On-site support within the Perth metropolitan area as required.

Additional Services

These activities are available as Consultancy Services:

  • Support involving third party service providers where resolution is outside of Openet’s direct control.
  • Development or Implementation of new services, systems or technology.
  • On-site services outside of the Perth Metropolitan Area

Professional services other than operational support, and services provided outside of normal hours, continue to be provided on a fee for time basis under Consultancy Services, providing greater flexibility to our clients.