Cloud Solutions

Openet always strives to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions to our clients.
Increasingly so-called 'cloud' services form a part of these solutions.

The following is a list of commonly deployed cloud solutions:

  • OpenDesk
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Email Filtering Service
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructures


OpenDesk is a unique cloud desktop service that delivers a full Windows desktop accessible from almost anywhere. All small and medium businesses should consider this before investing in new desktop computers or servers. Learn more...

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft's Office 365 product offers subscription based access to the Microsoft Office productivity suite and related services such as Exchange Online.

For many small and medium businesses, an Office 365 subscription provides a flexible and cost effective alternative to the upfront purchase of software licenses and the operation of an on premises Exchange email server.

Email Filtering Service

Openet's Email Filtering Service (EFS) provides clients with a cloud based email anti-virus and anti-spam solution.

Approximately 80% of email traffic is now considered spam. The EFS can kill this traffic before it reaches an organisation's mail server saving precious network bandwidth for legitimate business communication.

Openet's Email Filtering Service is an excellent addition to either an Office 365 solution or an on premises email server.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Several of Openet's larger clients have implemented organisation wide virtual desktop infrastructures to create private clouds providing flexible access from multiple locations while still maintaining control over performance and data.