Flexible Software Licensing

Norton Gold Fields

Update the organisation's Microsoft software licenses for user applications and server applications to take advantage of new features, ensure support and maintain security.

Simplify software licence management.

Enable more effective budgeting of software licence expenditure.


Encouraging the client to look at the total cost of licensing over several years rather than focusing soley on immediate capital costs.

Understanding the differences in business objectives and software usage across an organisation with distinct corporate and operational divisions.

Working with software resellers who struggle to understand Microsoft's complex software licensing models and seem to over complicate the process.


Migrate the client from Microsoft's e-Open volume licensing model to an Enterprise Agreement.


Simplified ongoing license management with the ability to deploy additional licenses as required without piece meal purchases of licenses throughout the year.

Known annual software licensing budget and reduced per license costs through bundling of products.

Improved compliance with licensing obligations and a reduction in risks associated with unlicensed software usage.

Software updates for the life of the agreement.