This is the part where
we talk about ourselves

and what we can do for you (but it’s mainly about us)

Here goes…

  • We know IT like most people know their favourite recipe
    (yes, pouring cereal into a bowl definitely counts).
  • For us, IT is the essence of creativity and freedom, or at least that’s what we know it to be. It’s the industry where we know when to test the boundaries and when to stick with old school methods that work. We know that sometimes if it aint broke, don’t fix it and we’re not into selling you stuff you don’t need.
  • We’re pretty passionate about IT which is a good thing since we’ve been doing IT for a long time. Openet was born in 2001 so we’re mature adults now with some idea about what we’re doing. That kind of brings us to what we can do for you.

Mostly these days we help businesses like yours move into OpenDesk, the most awesome cloud ecosystem ever!


It’s a new way of doing IT that can help your business do your thing more efficiently while helping you get off the constant hardware upgrade merry-go-round.


We even help you save power and reduce your carbon footprint!


If you aren’t ready for that then we help you keep your old school IT infrastructure running (if you want a list of the tech stuff we do then you can check out our detailed Service Catalogue).


Most importantly our amazing people provide you with outstanding customer service and support.


The part where you call us
(if you want to)


Now that you know about us you will want to discover how OpenDesk works and how it can transform your business into a safer, more mobile, more productive powerhouse. Click below to get in touch or to read about how self-aware we are.