4 steps to getting started with OpenDesk

Minimising your carbon footprint through to improving efficiency and saving you money

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By now most businesses will have heard about the benefits that come from cloud solutions: from minimising your carbon footprint through to improving efficiency and saving you money. OpenDesk is one such solution that gives businesses access to a full Windows desktop computer, hosted in a private cloud, that can be accessed from almost any internet-connected computer, tablet or phone — giving businesses access to all of their apps and data on any device, at any time.

Designed for small business, OpenDesk gives each client a private virtual file server enabling the secure sharing of documents and all the benefits of having a server and PCs in the office, minus the costly hardware.

Getting started is easier than you may think

Thanks to all of the rapid advancements we have been experiencing with technology, migrations need not be the massive, clunky and time-consuming effort they once were. In fact, it is as easy as 1,2,3,4.

1) Register your interest

You can register your interest on our website, by email, or you can call us on 1300OPENET (1300 673 638). One of our friendly staff will then make an appointment to talk through your specific needs, our Terms of Service and billing arrangements.

2) Setting up your ecosystem

Once we understand your specific needs, Openet will provision a standard OpenDesk ecosystem just for your business. This includes your own Active Directory domain, file server and firewall. We can help you customise your desktop with any special applications that may be applicable for your business.

3) Migrate your data

When your OpenDesk ecosystem is ready, it’s time to migrate. Openet will ensure a smooth data migration including the transfer of all business data to the new server and the migration of your team to their new desktops. If you have chosen to replace desktop computers with thin terminals, Openet can also help to swap these out.

4) Decommission and recycle

Unbeknownst to many organisations, old PCs and hardware can store a great amount of data, even if you think you’ve wiped them. Once you’ve been migrated, it is important that businesses decommission all old servers and desktops, which should then be recycled.

Just like that, your business is ready to enjoy flexible, secure access to your desktop, applications and data from most internet-connected devices, while also saving on electricity bills and getting the warm fuzzies about doing your bit to save the planet.

Now that you can see how simple it is to be a green business, save on the bottom line and boost flexibility, why not give the team at Openet a call today?

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Now that you know about us you will want to discover how OpenDesk works and how it can transform your business into a safer, more mobile, more productive powerhouse. Click below to get in touch or to read about how self-aware we are.